HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Back Scratching Salon

Simple, one-file IDLE game.

Earn money by scratching backs! Earn money using ridiculous equipment. Everything is about money? Back? Who cares! If it will bring you more money use kitchen blender, chainsaw or land mower!

Read the manual.

Have fun! Become filthy rich!

Monetized subscribers get a little bonus on start

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Gameplay loop is quite charming and has the potential to be addictive in the same way that Cookie Clicker was. Main improvement I'd suggest is to frontload some of the lower level upgrades (either by making them cheaper and/or reducing the time to payday) - you gotta instill that sense of sunken cost!

Florian Rival: A bit slow as the beginning but suprisingly addictive! Really fun to see how to maximize revenue by buying equipment and getting rich. If I had something to add, it would be more equipment/challenges as it's becoming a bit easy once you start to get a lot of money :) Great job!

Jupiter Hadley: Really funny idle game! Love the upgrades.