HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Back on Track (mania)

Read the full making-of here:

A remake of the very first Trackmania game (from 2003), in 13kb and in CSS3D!

Code by Xem, music by Nghia.

Optimized for Firefox, also works on Webkit browsers.

If the graphics are glitching, please reduce the size of your browser's window.

- Editor mode: Arrow keys to move, space bar to place blocks (keep space pressed to link blocks), Del to remove a block, Enter to drive, Esc to quit.
- Race mode: Arrow keys to drive, Enter to restart, Esc to quit.

Categories: desktop, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Really like the faithful recreation on display here. Feel like the driving physics could be improved a bit while turning, and a nice quality of life change would be to automatically link adjacent pieces if they were placed without holding space. Being able to look around and place pieces with the mouse would editing a track much tighter as well.

Kevin Whinnery: Very cool! The first levels seemed to work really well, but I struggled to figure out how it was possible to complete the rest. Impressive that you were able to complete a track editor and the racing game at the same time. Worked: - Awesome work creating both the racing simulation and the track editor - First two puzzles were fun - I could see how this was a fun game !Worked: - ice puzzle didn't seem possible to complete? - collisions for the racing simulation were unforgiving - Lack of mouse movement/placement for tiles was a bummer - manually moving the tile with the arrow keys was a bit of a pain.

Anonymous: Good: - Excellent soundtracks! Love the ambient. - Thoughtful, well designed & executed game! A great game combining editing track & driving. - Fits well with the competition theme - I like the 3D effects done by your own CSS framework. Impressive work! - The amount of editor or side tools you’ve made! - The track editor itself is a great tool! It has lots of track block types, you can spend a lot of time making your own track! - Store the game progress locally so you don’t lose it after refreshing the page - The journal/blog-posts telling your stories working on the JS13K project 🙂 Well written, entertaining, I do enjoy reading them. What could be improved: - Unfortunately, there is no ‘del’ button on Mac computer so deleting a block on track editor is not possible 😔Maybe provide an additional button to delete a block.

Jupiter Hadley: I love the mix of pre-made tracks and the ability to make tracks ourselves.