HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Astro Miners

The year is 2349 AD. A private company, Astro Miner Co. (AMC), has begun mining operations on the surface of a large asteriod in our solar system. You work for AMC and are responsible for remotely controlling the 10 robotic miner ships that are deployed to the asteroid.

One day when you arrive at work, you learn that all but one of the ten Astro Miners have been mysteriously taken offline. All you have now at your disposal is the one remaining Miner ship.

Your mission is to locate the other nine Astro Miners, bring them all back online, and to eliminate the unknown menace.

* Click in open space to move.
* Click nearby blocks to dig.
* Drag for careful aim.
* Kamikaze to kill alien parasites.
* Switch between online miners with buttons below.
* Touch an offline miner with your miner to bring it back online.

Best played in Chrome, although it also works in Firefox.

Categories: desktop

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