HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

ape naps

in this game you play as mama ape carrying her three baby apes back home on her back and to some Bach, so she can finally nap.
left=a, right=d, space=jump, w=wiggle

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Kevin Whinnery: Great work! Novel take on a platformer. Worked: - I loved the ape animation and art - Smart to reduce the mama's movement speed based on her current number of babies held - Overall I thought the concept was smart - you need to fetch the babies and bring them back to a nest, with a time constraint. !Worked: - The jump physics and platform placement felt really frustrating. Making the final leap to the nest in my test run with a baby was frustrating, and impossible with more than one baby - Enemies were super annoying - there wasn't an effective way to deal with them. Jumping on them seemed only to bunch them up in inconvenient places - It would have been helpful to be able to move the babies up a few platforms, drop them there, try and jump on some enemies to move them, then pick them up again. In my playthrough, "wiggling" to drop a baby made it drop all the way to the bottom of the level

Anonymous: Good: - Excellent graphics with such good details: the trees, apes, tiger, birds, … - The game themes. Quite original and match the competition themes. - A good working platform and I love the details you put. For example. the mother ape jumps or moves slower when she carries more babies on her back. - The game mechanics: jumping, carrying the babies, and the wiggle-ing - The game music and SFX! - The good story and introduction. - Tools you implement to generate assets & animation. What could be improved: - The game starts a little bit too hard. It’s nice that you provide a practice level but it’s quite tricky to master. - It’s quite easy to lose the babies as they will roll down back to the lowest level, which is quite frustrating. Maybe being able to knock out the enemies would help to make the game easier.

Jupiter Hadley: Cute graphics and story, but I found the gameplay overly challenging especially due to the platform placement.