HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

An HTTP Story

Sometimes, the web can be a beautiful place. Other times, it can be a dangerous place.

This game is about one of the latter times...

## VR Controls ##

At least one input controller with a trigger required. Standing or sitting, no need for a large play area.

- Trigger to move Zyra to selected block
- Trigger (held down) to drag selected blue block

## Keyboard and Mouse Controls ##

- Arrow keys or ASDW to move the camera
- Click to move Zyra to selected block
- Click (and hold) to drag selected blue block

## Extras / Web Monetization ##

Coil members get access to the level editor, where they can import extra levels OR create their own. More info here:

Categories: web monetization, webxr

Feedback from the experts

Josh Marinacci: I love the concept and the game play, and especially the music. My only suggestion in the future would be to spruce up the graphics a bit with a skybox.

Ewa Mazur: I must admit I didn't read the controls instructions before I played the game for the first time and I founded it pretty hard to figure out what to do. After getting back to the instructions it was so easy - so maybe there is a way to put some instructions into the gameplay? I love the isometric gameplay and the way you're telling the story during the game.

Anselm Hook: Great game, great web monetization support.

Nathan Lie: Well written puzzle game with strong story. The one-way dialogue of the Zyra character goes a long way towards immersing the player in the world and investing them in the completion of the game. I have just a small suggestion that there be some more messaging about the logs being checkpoints - I did not realize it at first. Finally, the Web Monetization bonus is great - it's a real "extra mile" kind of feature.

Christer Kaitila: Unlocking a level editor is such a great coil bonus feature! Nice. The 3d graphics looks really awesome. The game itself, is really fun and smooth. I like helping out Zyra. The way the levels tween in and out looks cool. The movement is interesting because it seems to have pathfinding AI and everything! What a great game in only 13kb. Nice work!

Fernando Serrano Garcia: Fun game to play! I like the user's perspective both in VR and in desktop. The controls feel great and the style seems quite polished. Great work!

Jupiter Hadley: I love the narration and the puzzles.