HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Game Description:
Experience the strategic depth of the 13th-century Alquerque board game in this digital adaptation. Test your tactical prowess in a medieval setting where knights, castles, and strategic maneuvers rule the day. Challenge friends in this classic game of capture and conquest.

Capture your opponent's knights by strategically jumping over them to win the game. Choose your moves wisely, protect your knights, and outmaneuver your adversary to claim victory.

Authentic Alquerque gameplay with a medieval twist.
Single-player mode.
Multiplayer mode for head-to-head battles.
Stunning medieval-themed visuals and sound effects.
Choose your side: Play as the Black or White knights.
Classic board game strategy with a 13th-century ambiance.

Mouse: Click to select and move your knight.
Objective: Jump over your opponent's knights to capture them.
Win Condition: Capture all of your opponent's knights or block their movement to secure victory.

Immerse yourself in the medieval world of Alquerque and prove your strategic prowess in this timeless board game challenge. Will you lead your knights to triumph or succumb to defeat?

Categories: desktop, mobile