HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Airspace Alpha Zulu

You are a test pilot in the navy and are out on operations testing an experimental new jet, callsign Alpha Zulu.

Your task is to launch from the aircraft carrier, fly around and then safely land back on the carrier.

Use cursor keys/WASD/gamepad to fly, Q/E lateral adjustments, PageUp/PageDown throttle. Speed is shown on the HUD on the left in knots, altitude on the right in feet, compass at the top.

Slow to about 60 knots, then make your landing approach. Good luck

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Tom Greenaway: Good: - Cool visuals and style. I liked the concept of the game. To improve: - I think it all needed to be smoother, it felt quite jerky when moving around. With more polish and attention on the "feel" and the movement system I think this would be a really neat retro game that feels a bit like Top Gun or something!

Jupiter Hadley: Interesting concept, though I was not able to land, I like look of all the stats on the screen.

Michelle Mannering: - graphics on the spaceship are epic! - game is struggling a bit though; so couldn't fully test it out - blue on yellow a little hard to read on the loading screen