HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Where do Pac-Man's ghosts go when they die?
They come here — to the ghost town full of life!

Make the third life of the duszki* go smoothly and pleasantly by expanding their eternal resting place in a way that meets all their needs in this city builder simulation straight from the golden era of computer games!

duszek (n., pl. duszki) — The second-order spectral form of ghosts from Pac-Man, which they transform into when they die. Duszki are playful and hard-working; they enjoy nature, gourmet food, and spending time with other duszki.

Update: There was a bug in ghosts’ AI which made them die of hunger and exhaustion even when a relevant building was just next to them. If you have previously built a city you’re proud of, the saved state won’t work with the version of the game fixing the bug. The old version (and your saved game) is still available at

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