HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Take care of this campfire by maintaining fuel, air flow, and heat distribution.
When there is no fuel supplied, the fire will die down but still give you a chance to revive it

## How to Play

1. Chop wood by clicking the tree (Yes it is a tree)
2. Split wood by clicking a piece of wood
3. Add fuel by dragging wood into the fire
4. Adjust air supply by dragging left and right on the fire
5. See status by clicking the status button
6. Each wood plank in the campfire has 3 states:
1. Newly added, cold (Dark brown)
2. Catches fire (Light orange brown)
3. Out of fuel (gray and faded out)
7. Larger wood pieces can last longer, but take longer to heat up, and may block too much oxygen
8. Smaller wood pieces are better at quickly catching fire, but are easy to run out

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