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Action Hero Academy Shooting Range

So you want to be an action hero, huh? Do you think you have it takes? Do you think it's easy to take an Oculus Rift and press A/X to pick up guns and pull the triggers to shoot them? Oh. You can. Ever done it backward??

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Feedback from the experts

SĂ©bastien Vandenberghe: This is fun to shoot on your back but at the same time pretty hard to play with. I wish I could train outside of VR too as it the mirror view feels disorientating.

Josh Marinacci: I couldn't successfully get past the first stage, probably because I'm using a quest which can't see the controller behind me. However, the concepts is great.

Fernando Serrano Garcia: Interesting concept although quite short :D I would love to have more moving targets around. Also, I didn't know how to turn off the "eyes in the back" feature, having a button mapped to that could be also useful, so you could keep switching back and front.

Diego González: Nice idea! Makes me realize how bad I am at shooting backwards!! I think there is room for enhancing support for mobile and non 6DoF devices. I like the color combination and the dynamics but it wasn't totally clear to me how to effectively combine all the colors in a way that wouldnt break the flow of the game. Thinking maybe a belt to keep an easy eye for colors might help. Really nice that yuo put sound as well, it makes a big difference! Graphics could be improved a bit by adding some textures to the walls to make it look like an alley or training range or secret ninja hideout.

Jupiter Hadley: Sadly, I don't have a rift so I cannot test it.