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404 Rhythm not found

404 Rhythm not found

agar3s + mapedorr + quietgecko + slashie

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Dance robot dance! Find the rhythm within your circuits and beat the five super P.U.L.S.E. robot masters in head to head dance stand-offs!Make moves to the music beats to score points, the more varied they are the more bonus points you will obtain. Fill the energy bar before your opponent to win his respect!Controls:
S - Flip Left Arm
D - Turn Head Left
K - Turn Head Right
L - Flip Right Arm
Spacebar - Slide left or right

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Jupiter Hadley: Really nice rhythm game!

Noël Meudec: This is a cool rhythm game! I like the music and the graphics. The introduction scene for each enemy reminds me of Megaman. The controls are OK but in the last battle I have no idea why I keep missing (I do almost a score of 0, all missed), when in the previous battles I was doing almost no mistake. That was frustrating and I have no explanation for it (is it me or the game?) Here are a few things I would suggest to make the game better: - Add a couple of game mechanics. For example: get extra points for doing a suggested combo - To have a final special move at the end of a battle would be great - Do something about the last battle (if the issue comes from the game and not from me) Overall, it is an excellent little rhythm game, thanks for making it!