HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

404!! Lost treasure

One day... There was a treasures hunter.
He heard a rumor that there was some treasures in the cave.
So he went to the cave but... He was lost!
You need to navigate to the exit for him.

ArrowKeys: move
SpaceKeys: dig *if you have a shovel
EnterKeys: attack *if you have a sword

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Spartez Team: Thank you for your submission! The cave is very dangerous indeed! :) Well, at first not that much. I accidentally finished the first run without ever seeing a zombie, so I was confused what for the sword and what was I struggling with. I liked that every level was generated randomly and there was different paths to follow. It was not exactly challenging but I can see the direction. I guess adding more challenges and puzzles to be generated on the fly get harder and harder the more you add. Also, the zombies didn't provide the risk and challenge of digging up repeatedly. I could just stay in the same place, either killing the zombie that showed up, or getting the key I so much need to go upstairs. Last, I think you could add more meat to your game by making the plot a bit more interesting. As I got, you have a treasure hunter headed to a cave because of the treasures it hided. And he got lost there. I got here some questions that could help look beyond: How? Why he ended on (the last?) floor of the cave? How he got there without the keys? Who and how someone hided every key of every floor underground? If the treasure hunter was headed to get treasures, what was the outcome? What was the prize of going to the cave?

Michelle Mannering: Great opening story. Keys work fine, but often it will just drop out and you won't be able to move your character around the screen. I can only assume it's like a maze, and we're supposed to follow the maze out correct? Holding down the key doesn't work... only tapping it. Definitely need to ensure holding down the key moves you in the correct direction. Randomly clicking on pixels to dig however isn't fun or exciting. You should check out Elder Scrolls Online's Scrying and digging system and implement something like that.