HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

404 laundry not found

After so many years of mystery, the time has finally come. Help our hero to recover all humanity missing socks at the hand of evil washing machines in 404 sock not found

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Jupiter Hadley: Cute game, it's simple but does well in what it is.

Nathan Lie: Quirky little platformer with excellent visuals. The physics of jumping around take a little getting used to, but the main improvement here that could be made is a proper win state when all socks are collected - nothing happened when I got everything.

Ahmed Khalifa: Congratulations on creating and finishing a game for JS13K. I am impressed with the nice art that you were able to pack in that small size. Some notes to improve the game overall: - maybe make each floor easier than the one above it. right now, it looks like it but the conveyer belt is the same difficulty maybe make it also easier. - the background art should be without outline or using less saturated colors to be easier to differentiate between front and background elements. - The gravity is too hard and the player jumps whenever the button is down. It is always a good idea to make jump on press and not on down but also use like window to capture the button press if the player is one pixel before the ground. - A solution to the gravity problem is to make the gravity less active when the player hold the button down and back to normal when the button is released to give it more of the Mario jump feeling. Overall, good job on finishing a good looking game :) I am sure if you give it more time, it will be great :)