HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

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Its a pipe game. You are suppose to connect the requests (computer). To the files. Check what file name the requests are after and connect them with pipes.
You place the pipes by clicking on the mouse and the frame.

There is also music.
There are only two levels.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Ania Kubów: This game gave me all the nostalgia 'feels' with a modern context. The game was easy to pick up and I enjoyed how you had added pressure of only having a certain amount of moves in each level, to match up the files to the laptops. A great take on a wonderful retro Windows classic - Pipe Dream.

Abiyasa Suhardi: It’s a fully-working pipe game, well done! Well-executed and fits well with the competition theme. I like the background music, it adds a little bit of mystery to the atmosphere. For a pipe game, it would’ve been nice if the player can have 3 or more items for the Next Tiles. Having only 1 Next Tile would make the game harder to plan/finish.