HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

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Legends Tell...
...of a VAST treasure of {HTTP GET ERR: treasure.type is undefined} hidden deep in the "Tomb of the Four Hundred Four Kings". While many have attempted to make the journey, no one has came back to tell the tale.

This brings us to YOU...a {HTTP GET ERR: player.backstory is undefined} who is still searching for answers as to why {HTTP GET ERR: player.conflict is undefined}. With a little help from your trusty {HTTP GET ERR: player.class is undefined} & a little luck you may find a way to {HTTP GET ERR: player.solution is undefined}.

move: WASD
click and hover stuff


Mike Mayo

Sean Alexander

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Ania Kubów: With this game, I really enjoyed the comments in the sidebar. The prompting made the game more engaging and hey, some of the comments are pretty funny! The personalization in the game also impressed me. I was able to choose a name, a class, and when I restarted the game, the grids were a different experience each time.

Björn Ritzl: Coming from experience with traditional roguelikes I was at first confused by the ability to attack from a distance. I quickly got used to the fov distance working as attack range and action points. A pretty clever solution actually! I'd like a way to speed up combat a bit as I found it somewhat slow. The mouse over tooltip doesn't update your HP to reflect damage take in combat if is active while taking damage.