HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

2AP: Backyard Assault

It's a tiny XCOM-like.

I had two days left until deadline and was still high on adrenaline. So I decided to at least start something I was dreamed about for a long time: a tactical game that plays by XCOM rules. I.e. with 2 action points (hence the name), high/low cover system and the like.

By sheer luck, or maybe because mechanics I was implementing was very familiar to me, I did not hit any serious complications along the way. So, a hour before deadline I have a playable level (starring aforementioned Backyard, as a courtesy to js13k theme) with three distinct unit types and pretty shrewd AI.

Controls: Left click to select unit, move or fire, right click to deselect. Your side is blue. Rest is in in-game help.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Christer Kaitila: An absolutely phenomenal entry. I am blown away. What a tight, fun, cool, tactically satisfying game! Pathfinding? Line of sight? Raycast visibility cones? Different kinds of unit? Seriously, keep working on this incredibly cool game engine and turn it into a commercial game. I loved wating 2xAI duke it out. This game ROCKS!!!!!!!! What a wicked engine to make more games from. Very very nice work.

Jupiter Hadley: What an ambitious project! It felt like my tern was pretty unlimited, but apart from that, the game is so good. Having AI is welcomed. Nice job.