HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

20461 Dioretsa

Named after the damocloid, (and Asteroids... backwards) 20461 Dioretsa is a local multiplayer Asteroids-like.

Each of the 4 spaceships include a 'flash back' drive [down arrow, 'S', or left trigger], which lets you 'travel back in time' 2 seconds to your previous location and ammo count.

There's AI that will attack Player 1, so you can play singleplayer versus 1-3 of them. Supports one player with [WASD/QZSD, E, X], one with [ARROW KEYS, SPACE, ESC], and 1-4 gamepads. Joy-Cons and Xbox controllers have mapped keys (and even attempt to match colours when connected), but other controllers aren't guaranteed to work.

Includes advanced collision detection, realistic circle-based elastic physics, ZzFX sound effects, a custom Path2D-based font, and 'procedurally generated' asteroid shapes.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Christer Kaitila: The physics are really cool, it was interesting to watch the exploded ship parts flow over surfaces. Great smooth movement and gameplay, and I really love that you can use gamepads and many keys for local multiplayer mayhem! The flashback feature is awesome. I wish you could flashback even after you have died! Not sure how the rules for winning would work then, but a prince-of-persia replay effect would be fun and would have kept me playing longer. Overall, a very strong entry and something I enjoyed playing. Great work.

Jupiter Hadley: Lovely graphics and AI.