HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

2021: a Space Opera

Space no longer sounds its old self... Bring harmony to the Cosmic Microwave Background by solving each planet's musical puzzle!

How to play:
Each planet has an iconic space tune. Each ring of the planet is a note of the tune. Unfortunately, each tune was scrambled. Recompose the tune by swapping rings 2 by 2.

Wider rings mean longer notes. Colder ring colors mean lower notes, while warmer ring colors mean higher notes. A hint will help you guess the tune of each planet.

Drag and drop ring with mouse clicks (desktop) or tap (mobile). Rings will light up when they can be dropped.

Web Monetization:
Coil subscribers get exclusive markers under each ring indicating if notes are correctly placed or not.

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Ahmed Khalifa: This is a pretty interesting game I love the idea of the small tunes and arranging it, this could work perfectly as a little puzzle relaxing game. I think you could improve the game by telling directly what that suppose to be the theme song to avoid depending on people knowledge of pop culture. For example, I know some of these movies and tunes but because I am not good with clues I never figured out what is the song from. Adding undo and redo and rest is pretty good idea as multiple time I miss something and then don't remember how to go back. I would recommend making the game easier by locking any correct tune in its place so the game start to be easier over time. Also, maybe having visual hints beside sound hint for example correct tons link together and move together or something, or the clues are more of deduction clues like red love orange but hate blue. then blue like to stay on distance to green but not far away from red, etc. This type of clues will help people who have problems with working with sounds and they will be happy when they know the music in the end. Overall, great entry :)

Nathan Lie: Relaxing and nostalgic game that goes through sci-fi's greatest hits. The puzzles are difficult if you're not musically inclined, but the Web Monetization bonus really goes a long way here for players that have trouble with musical cues.

Joep van Duinen: Love this concept! Lovely homage to some of the great film scores. It could use some tips for players that are not familiar with a certain theme. Other than that, I liked the visualisation of the notes. Great job!

Ewa Mazur: Wow. A very creative game. Really interesting bonus for Coil subscribers. Makes the game much more pleasant. At first I thought this bonus was too much, but with each new level it was not so obvious. I also like that you inform the player about the bonus.