HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

10 years of game golfing

This book is a compilation of 30 games & emulators golfed by the Codegolf Team and friends, since 2012, aside from js13k.

Compiled in hommage to the authors: Subzey, p01, aemkei, veubeke, xen_the, justecorruptio, damienallonsius, nderscore, ilesinge, sqaxomonophonen, benjamin_js, fusselwurm, parrotgeek1, keithclark, xaotic, ETHproductions, magna, killedbyapixel, jellyedwards and me (xem)

Each game has been regolfed / fixed / enhanced before being included here along with their source code.

Rules and original repos of each game:

PS: it required 4 "hard" passes of RoadRoller to fit all this in 13,311 bytes instead of 15,219, thanks again to Kang Seonghoon for this epic tool!

Categories: desktop