New Gaming Tech for Developers
to Watch out For

There’s a lot of new tech in the world of gaming, from top of the line graphics to new innovations. As a developer, you probably want to keep yourself ahead of the game, in order to get using them in your own designs.

Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition may seem like something more for unlocking your phone than playing a game, but this actually has some cool applications. To start with, this could potentially allow you to transfer your likeness to an avatar, without having to mess around with sliders and custom creators.

This could also be used within the game itself, as a way to tell how you’re reacting to the game. Intel are pioneering a new kind of camera that uses the focal points on the face in order to extrapolate the feeling. This could dial down the difficulty if you’re visibly struggling or change cut scenes based on your reactions.

Voice Recognition

Right now, we mostly use voice recognition to ask Alexa and Siri all of the questions that pop into our heads. This concept has been around for a long time, but technology seems to have finally caught up so that we can actually do what we want to with this tech.

Prior to this voice tech could be a bit hit and miss, but now with machine learning and AI, it’s getting much more sophisticated. This allows developers to actually use voice commands within their games, without having to ensure a completely quiet environment.


Augmented Reality

With devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on the market, augmented reality is more accessible than ever. One of the most popular slots on Lucky Cow Bingo, Gonzo’s Quest, now has its very own AR version. This gives users the chance to enjoy a traditional gambling game in a totally new way. Strangely enough, slot game developers do tend to be ahead of the curve with a lot of new tech, as they try new things in order to stand out.

This application could be used both within gaming, education, government and more. It does seem that augmented reality will totally disrupt the tech industry.

Streaming Tech

As streaming is becoming more popular, we’re also looking for new ways to use this tech too. Imagine being able to stream a game straight from the cloud and play it with no download needed. This would be an amazing option for players, as it would allow you to quickly select different games.

This would be a game changer, though it would heavily rely on the Cloud or similar software. As the internet infrastructure also becomes more advanced, we perhaps wouldn’t need to worry about slot internet when streaming. This is one of the top trends that we can’t wait to see realised.

Tech is ever evolving and we’re always excited to see what new innovations will shake up the gaming industry. It’s a fast paced world out there, developers that want to thrive simply have to keep up.