HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Round Royale

Multiplayer battleground arena up to 6 players on map. Available for desktops and mobiles.

Desktop controls: Move the mouse away from the center of the screen accelerates your player. LMB to fire.

Mobile controls: Use your mobile gyroscope for steering and tap somewhere on the screen to shoot.

hint: to calibrate your gyro at current position in space, touch top left corner of your mobile.

Rules: Kill other players and don't let them kill yourself. For every kill in a row, you earn: - points - more health or more projectiles to fire

Disclaimer: Due to poor hosting, architecture of node.js and lack of optimizations, performance is somewhere around poor/unacceptable. Sorry!

Thanks to Greg Wohlwend for permission to use the same style as in Tumbleseed.

PS. I have changed server code slightly to get more appropriate ping (once a second). Cheers!

Categories: desktop, mobile, server