HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Neon Dungeon

Neon Dungeon - A tiny procedural Roguelike.

Lost in a vibrant labyrinth illuminated just by its glowing neon walls, you must search for a way out - but beware, you are not alone in here. Do you have what it takes to escape the Neon Dungeon?


Move around: arrows / WASD / HJKL
Attack: space / X / F

Supported browsers

The game should work fine in recent builds of any modern desktop browser. Proper ES6 and WebGL support is required but these are fortunately commonplace these days.
I have successfully tested it under the latest releases of:
Chrome (Linux and macOS)
Firefox (Linux and macOS)
Opera (Linux and macOS)
Safari (macOS)

Categories: desktop