Which Demographic Plays Mobile Games Most?

The image of a hardcore gamer has changed a huge amount over the last few years. With the rise of mobile gaming, the people that we think of as gamers is a lot different than the perception that we had just a few years ago.

Players in general are becoming a lot more diverse, as gaming becomes much more accessible. The distinction between gamers and players is a bit different now, as anyone can be a player. There is still an image of the hardcore gamer being separate from the casual gamer, who may err more on the side of mobile gaming.

The casual player can really be anyone, as we all have smartphones and tablets at our disposal these days. This allows anyone the chance to download the latest mobile games in just a few taps, without having to splash out on more expensive hardware. These games can also be free to play too, while generating their income from other aspects of the game or their user.


Players in general can be split into different levels of enthusiasm and overall play time. Those that are most engaged will be the most passionate about gaming in general, though some games can appeal more to these different sectors. This tailoring of the games and their advertising makes the player feel more special and more likely to play at least once.

Aside from displaying different habits, these gamers came from all sorts of destinations. They can be acquired through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with social influence directing them through quickly. They can also come from reviews, recommendations and ads from other games but this is a slightly different demographic to those that will be brought from social media.

The type of player that interacts with a request for more in game friends on Facebook is a very different one to the one that browses the Google Play charts. Game developers must recognise this and create games that appeal to their target audience then market to them in an effective way. Man mobile casinos use review sites for this reason, as they know that their potential customer will be interacting with them. Review sites like www.casinojuggler.com can send a lot of the right kind of customer to one of these sites.

There are many types of games on the market and to go along with them there are all sorts of different users. These come in many shapes and sizes, with different ways to generate revenue for them. Generating revenue through microtransactions is a feasible way for these games to survive without an initial investment from the player. This means that the player doesn’t have to place in any money to play the base game, though they can later augment the game with their own money.


We may think that relaxation and boredom are the main motivators behind discovering and playing these games, but it’s not quite that simple. There are a variety of motivators behind each player and with achievement based rewards systems, they can be encouraged to play for much longer. Psychologically speaking, the reward of earning in game currencies and completing objectives can be strong motivators to come back to a game.

Prompts from push notifications can also be helpful to get players back interacting with a game. These small reminders, deals and offers can be phrased differently to players who are interested in certain parts of the game. This analysis of what players are interested in is invaluable to get them back for more.

The type of player that we associate with gaming is changing and we can all work to make the industry more accessible. By creating amazing games and marketing them well, we can make this industry flourish with more players.