How Netent Casinos made the move to HTML5

HTML5 has found its way into almost all modern websites and web-based games. That includes gambling sites. In this article, we will have a look at how HTML5 games are the centrepiece of a multibillion pound industry, and how industry leader NetEnt has made the shift from Flash to HTML5.

The history of HTML

Ever since the inception of the world wide web, there have been many versions and updates of HTML. The code was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991 (the same inventor that brought us the world wide web in 1989) and has never stopped evolving. Between 1991 and 1999, HTML developed from version 1 all the way to version 4. In the year 2000, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) opted for the newly formed XHTML 1.0. XHTML had a strict syntax, and developers had to write valid and well-formed code. As a result, development of HTML was put to a halt, in favour of XHTML.

In 2004, WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) was set up. This group decided to develop HTML further, to be compatible with both the way most people use internet, as well as older versions of HTML. This slowly gained support among most browser producers. And in 2006, W3C announced their support for WHATWG. This led to the first public draft release of HTML5 in 2008, with its form being more or less finalized in 2014.

The development of HTML5 was not without controversy. W3C decided on working on a definite standard for HTML5, while WHATWG chose to develop HTML5 as a living standard, meaning a continuous development with ongoing improvements.


NetEnt is the world’s leading provider of igaming (another word for online gambling) solutions. This company founded in 1996 had roots in traditional gambling. However, they slowly took over the world of online gambling and have been on the Stockholm Stock exchange since 2009.

They have a catalogue of hundreds of games that are very popular with online casino visitors around the world. They are known for slot games like Starburst, Twin Spin, Guns ‘n Roses, Gonzo’s Quest and more. They also offer digital versions of well-known table games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat, and have several versions of video poker.

They have also recently added live casino to their selection, and many casinos already have access to their live casino hosting, which is streamed from Malta.

From Flash to HTML5

Most early NetEnt games were developed for Flash. They used an RNG (Random Number Generator) to ensure a random outcome, displaying slot machine simulations in Flash. In 2014 NetEnt was one of the first to develop a game entirely in HTML5.

With the popularity of HTML5, as well as the decline in support for flash in modern browsers, NetEnt was faced with a problem. Though its most modern slots were developed specifically for HTML5, NetEnt had a huge back catalogue of popular games that were developed for Flash.

In December 2017, NetEnt announced it would redevelop its games for HTML5 and mobile browsers. A total of 70 games will be updated to support this new technology. This will ensure a better gaming experience, with better graphics, animations, music quality and sound effects. At the same time, the mobile versions would be better supported, thus catering better to players who enjoy playing from their smartphone, whether at home or on the go.

In the same month, Dracula, Jackpot 6000, Excalibur and Spellcast got a rerelease and many more titles are on the way.

Where to find Netent Casinos

A NetEnt Casino is a casino that has licence to use NetEnt’s games on their website. NetEnt’s business model is very simple. They provide the games, in return for a share of the revenue. All their games are regulated by various gaming authorities and have fixed pay-out percentages that are usually very high. The RTP (Return To Player) is usually over 95%, making the casino’s profit margin 5% or less. This of course does not stop the casino from making quite sizeable profits, a small percentage of which are then paid to NetEnt. With all the casinos that have NetEnt games, you can imagine how these small percentages really add up. If you want to see what NetEnt Casinos look like and try their games (either for fun or for real money), visit NewCasinoUK for a list.