5 Features JavaScript games simply must feature

JavaScript games are super popular these days because you can play them so easily through your browser of choice. However, not all JavaScript games are made equal in this world. You will soon enough find that some of these games are much better than others. If you yourself are wanting to develop your own JavaScript game, or are just a gamer who wants to ensure that they are playing only the best of the best JavaScript games, then keep on reading, because today we are going to break down the five features that all good JavaScript games simply must feature.

1) The fun factor

No matter what type of game it is, all JavaScript games have to be fun. If there is no fun factor, then you are bound to get bored easily and go find another game that will better keep you entertained. Some say that ‘fun’, is a subjective term, and to some extent it is –but there are certain features of a game that will contribute to it being something that users find to be entertaining. Suspense is something that keeps users returning for more. Not knowing what the outcome of the game will be, is both thrilling and exciting. For this reason, games of chance are incredibly popular. Online bingo sites, such as www.sunbingo.co.uk offer the player fun-filled games that are anything but predictable; making them super fun to play all day!

2) Functionality

A game can be incredibly fun in theory, but if the technology behind the game does not allow it to run smoothly, your user experience will be interrupted. When we talk about a game having functionality, we are referring to how well it runs. Some JavaScript games are prone to crashing if they are not programmed well. Better JavaScript games will not have this problem, and will allow you to play the game, uninterrupted.

3) Good graphics

When you are looking for a good browser game to play, one of the main features you should be looking for is the quality of the graphics used in the game. We are no longer in the 1980’s and 1990’s –and as such, we now have means to create much better graphics than in the past when it comes to games of all sorts. There is no excuse for bad graphics, it’s just lazy and can really detract from an otherwise good game.

4) A clear idea

JavaScript Games need to be somewhat simple for them to succeed. What is needed is a clear idea behind the game. A browser game that is too complicated will, more often than not, scare people away. People who play browser games usually want a fun game, that is simple and not too difficult to learn.

5) Good instructions

Have you ever had the misfortune of finding a great looking JavaScript game, deciding to play it and then being completely lost because there are either no instructions, or very vague instructions. You would think that something this simple would be standard in all games, but you would be surprised how often games neglect to provide comprehensive instructions for gameplay.